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ReadingRoots is an initiative to empower the reading community and promote sustainable reading. There are still lot of us who prefer paperbacks in this digital age, who love the smell of a book, who still get delighted at the sight of a book in someone else’s hand. We wish to bring closer such people and enhance your experience as an avid reader and also help others take on this noble habit.

While most of times we might have the power to get our hands on any book as we like, still there might be time when we don’t always have the budget for a good book or are not willing to invest in a book that we may not open again and just reading the book is as good enough as owning it.

ReadingRoots is one such platform where you can meet your next favor...ite read by not having to own it and share your books to the likes of you. We give you the opportunity to make new Book Pals with whom you can have endless conversations about your favorite book and at the same time help the cause of environment protection by what we call ‘Sustainable Reading”. You can increase and satisfy your reading appetite through ReadingRoots.

Further, you can manage all your books at one place, keeping a track of all the books shared and borrowed, all for Free.

Hope to improve your experience, Reader !!


Book Catalogue

Keep a complete track of the books you own, books you shared and the books you borrowed by creating a book catalogue

Spend Less. Read More.

Read more books without having to purchase them all by simply borrowing it from the readers around you

Reading Community

Build a community of readers that share the likes of you by making book pals and have long discussions over your favorite books

Shared Library

Create a shared library for the readers that live/study/work around you and boost your reading appetite

Sustainable Reading

Promote the habit of Sustainable Reading through borrowing and sharing books, enjoying the best books while saving environment

Book Return Notifications

We save you of the embarrassment of asking the books back from your pals by sending them regular notifications

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